Kibibi Headshot_2014TNKibibi Springs | Founder, I/O Psychologist | WellnessAdvisor 

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist   CCWS - Web

Acting on my purpose to help people move into positive action and discover what they need to thrive vs. survive, I consult and serve organizations looking to evolve their wellness initiatives and individuals seeking lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being. Read more 



Harmony Lenise Halley | Co-Founder, Professional Life Coach 

As an advocate for positive prosperity, I am living out my life’s purpose of motivating people to live a healthier life wherever they are and in everything they do. I believe that all success includes a healthy state of mind and a strong understanding of self and the surrounding environment. Read more



Hello! My name is Brittany Strother. I am currently
obtaining my bachelors in Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I love to travel and watch old movies. I adore the simple things in life and believe there are no failures, only lessons. Being a part of the LifeonSprings team has given me an amazing opportunity to learn more about health, wellness, and the best ways to prosper. Life is all about becoming a better you than you were yesterday and I’m thankful that I get to continue my personal growth with the LifeonSprings team.


My name is Deviya Patel and I am currently a senior at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am getting my undergraduate degree in psychology. Personally learning how important having a healthy body and mind is helped save my life my sophomore year of college. Fighting for my life in the hospital with the help of psychologists, friends, and family helped me to get where I am today. I want to share my experience and help as many people as I can who are in need of finding ways to have a more fulfilling, thriving and happier life/lifestyle.