Three types of people that add more spice to your life

When people ask me how to increase the variety in their life, one of the things I recommend is that they look to the relationships they engage in most often for overlooked opportunities to expand their knowledge and experience in life. People, who bring ‘newness’ to your life, help you see, think and hear things differently if you are willing to accept their natural gifts.

Whether, friend, co-worker, or family member, these three character traits can expand our perspective and interests.


As a music lover, I must have a musicphile or three in my network. Without them I fear I will get entrapped in a world of radio rotation play and lose sight of the vastness of the art form. Whether it’s music, wine, or clothing, the “specialists” in our network remind us never to rely on good when we can experience exceptional. A lesson that can be applied to more than just music.


The perspective of someone older or younger has many benefits. Older friends and family members share valuable lessons foreshadowing general themes in life that will eventually be experienced. While the initial moment of the lesson transfer may have been met with resistance, these friend’s ultimately get their “I told you so” moment. Younger friends keep you from falling into a rut. They remind you to exercise the freedoms you felt were yours in a more carefree time of life and to carry the best of that behavior forward so it can work for you today.


Always looking for a faster, better, more efficient way to accomplish anything, this type of person provides two major benefits. One, the insight that there is a better way to do most things in our lives and two, tested know-how. It’s a win-win-win for you. Cuts your research, trial and error time. Let this person pass as much information as they want to you, just be sure to honor their gift by using it and/or paying it forward to others.

Our relationships with others can provide the zest we seek in life if we are willing to appreciate uniqueness without judgment.


Cover Photo: © Dennis Owusu-ansah | Dreamstime Stock Photos