The Saturday Setup (Part 1)


One way to reduce stress during the week is to pre-plan your commitments to the health and wellness activities that keep you on your toes. Saturday’s are a great day to set up a defense system for shifting workloads and priorities. When the pressure heats up during the week you don’t want to lose visibility on what’s important to the maintenance of your stamina and stability.

For weekly well-being, add these seven life giving essentials to your weekly schedule.

1. Healthy Prepared Staples  

Be honest about your available time to prep meals. Instead of facing the daily decision to cook or order, prep all the time consuming staples on one day so that weekly meals can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. Post your weekly menu near the fridge so you always know what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Physical Movement

Schedule big and small blocks of physical activity. Respect your bodies need to move for optimal health and efficiency and schedule some movement every 2-3 hours.

3. Breathing Breaks

Being conscious of and proactive about our oxygen intake can add a lot of energy to how we physically feel and mentally perform. Begin with a morning dose of deep breath and take two more 5-10 minute moments to breathe throughout the day. Combine breathing breaks with mental space for an energy sustaining combination.

4. Mental Space

Easy to combine with a breaking break, taking small bits of mental space will keep your mind moving towards creative and efficient thoughts and helps manage moods.

5. Play Time

Even an hour of play time helps relieve the pressure that results from navigating life for a week. Indulge in something that makes you feel child-like and like time is on your side. Listening to music, creating art, and the art of imagination give good energy.

 6. Time to Connect

When we carve out time to connect with the people that are important in our lives we are reminded that we are never alone and how fortunate our life journey has been to connect with these people. Focus on quality connection with at least one person in your life each week. If you keep that rotating everyone will feel the love.

7. A Power Down Day

This is a very simple idea that is very challenging to commit to and requires some planning. The payoff is powerful. For optimal energy enhancement, make one day of the week a day for pleasurable and self-enriching activities only. To be specific, that’s code for rest, friendships, family, recreation, adventure, hobbies and spiritual practice.

Photo Credit: Bigstock | Ivelin Radkov