Keep moving forward.

Change happens whether volunteer or by force. God’s will be done, karma, evolution, what ever you believe in, the earth is still turning, atoms are still spinning, your heart is pumping blood to your organs and you will be breathing and blinking while you are reading this post. You are in motion so are you moving forward, running on a hamster wheel going no where or falling behind? No matter which position you are in, I hope this information is a blessing.

You are not alone! Times are changing! Time is always changing. The Season is changing, there is always a Holiday around the corner, the end of the year, month, week and everyone is on edge worried about the future. I urge you to try to stop for one moment and take a look at your present.

Everyone knows that life requires a careful balance of planning for the future and maintaining your present. When was the last time you took a moment to take a moment are check your mental state? Let’s take this moment in time to look together.

How are you?

How are you feeling physically?

Are you thirsty?

Are you hungry?

Are you at peace?

Are you anxious?

Breath! Are you breathing well?

Take a moment and feel your pulse.

Breathe again.

Breathe in, close your eyes, and say Thank you!

I appreciate your cooperation. If you are still with me that is a good sign. I have another challenge for you. For the rest of the day only think about how you are each moment at a time. If something urgent comes up, take a breath and say thank you and only focus on what you want. Focus on your desired outcome. PERIOD!

If a negative, unpleasant thought comes to mind and you are strong enough to call it ugly. After you call it ugly, be thankful you were able to see it and continue to operate in gratitude. This exercise helps your self control grow. In fact, self-control allows our situation control. By having self-control you are able to walk in and out of conversations, situations, and other energies that may be a work around you. Like any other muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it gets. But it is important to understand the law of conservation of energy that states that energy could neither be created nor destroyed but only converted. So, if you plan to change a behavior you might want to create a replacement plan.

What are you going to do when you want to pick up that “thing” that you wanted to leave alone? Breathe, eat healthier, exercise, read, spend more time writing? Make sure your replacement plan is something that is positive and some thing that you like to do so it will be a happy alternative. “What is your anti-drug?”

With that all said, I want to you leave you with the final step.

PROSPERITY STEP => Keep it going.

If you fall, get back up. If you meet your goal, set a new one. If you don’t know where to start, just pick a goal and start. It could be small like taking out the trash a day early. Just keep going. If you don’t like your replacement plan, choose another one. If you need help, ask.

Just keep moving forward!

PhotoCredit: by Oakozhan, Stock Photo 51835261