Positive thinking is a great place to start.

 Casual Idea 3

Everything in this life involves energy. As we learned in grade school, energy is either positive or negative.

How does this apply to my thoughts?

Well there are countless scientists, psychologists and other deep thinkers that can talk about this topic for hours. But I know you don’t have time for that. So for the sake of time I will explain it like this. If you want your remote control to work it is going to take an energy source much like your goal. When you put batteries in the remote control you have to match the positive side where is it supposed to connect and the negative side where it is supposed to connect. If connected incorrectly the remote will not work.

So if you put the positive side of your thinking forward and your negative thinking behind you.

Paprika! Your plans will work.

If you are thinking negatively: I can’t, they won’t, I don’t. You can’t, they won’t and you don’t. Very simple!

Many of us have been jaded by failure. Failure like success should be revered as something you got through.

Loss cannot be easily replaced by a success but it can be learned from. So instead of trying to erase the past look to the future with positivity.

Step 1-I dare you today to think positively.

Step 2-Create a plan to feed yourself positive thoughts.

Step 3-Try this affirmation

“Everyday in Every Way

Everything is Getting Better!”