How to manage your lists.

Pencils and PostitsWhether your list obsessed or a list avoider, focus is the way to enjoy the journey and the eventual win. Manage the volume and use of lists in your life  to reduce stress vs. amplify it. Remember the marker for future additions. Unless unavoidable, it must feel good and contribute to your progress.

Modify it!

Shorten the time frame of your goal and to-do lists. If you normally write annual goals try a quarterly or monthly list to sharpen your focus. Things tend to change as you progress anyway and you’ll benefit more from the sense of accomplishment you create while mowing down those short-term goals. it!

Practice daily list pruning with the iPhone app Top 3: Track Your Priorities. It makes you decide what things are most important and helps you get them done! Each day you get three new slots to fill with your most important tasks of the day. Yes only three! Over time, you can review the choices that led to achieving your goals. Available in the iPhone Apps store.


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