Rebranding laziness.

SnailThere isn’t much support for the concept of slow and steady in our collective lifestyle. Those with ambitious instincts warily view “slow and steady” as a slippery slope to “lazy town” and those who embrace laziness typically aren’t progressing steadily towards anything.  While I don’t champion the unmotivated, I can’t deny that many of us (present party included) could RELAX.

A recent employee assessment index ironically revealed that I could benefit from investing more time in doing nothing. I immediately began searching the classifieds for employers’ seeking employees who will do less. While that search came up short, I had to admit that my patterns of furious sprints and nearly debilitating wipeouts of energy hadn’t been very beneficial to me mentally or physically. They say the key to success is to avoid getting knocked out in the process of achieving, but with so much stacked against us in the war against the 24 hour clock, how do we incorporate regular doses of down time?

This year, try a slow and steady philosophy and reframe your thoughts around doing less to bring in more.  Here are two thoughts to get you started.

Think steady instead of slow. 

Slowing down may be too big of a mental leap to grasp, especially for the really driven, so consider creating a more steady pace with your activity instead of rushing out of the gate every minute of the day. Create a steadiness in your plans by breaking large goals down into small consistent actions.

DO one thing at a time

Reality check.  We are not limitless. They haven’t created a pill for that yet and even if they did the disclaimer language would probably take up half of the commercial time. Biting off more than you can chew doesn’t work at the dinner table and it doesn’t work anywhere else in your life. Don’t seek limitlessness, seek to start and finish one thing at a time as expediently and efficiently as possible.

As a well seasoned multi-tasker with a “what’s next” mentality, I know that doing nothing is not a natural instinct for a go-getter. However, for the sake of our collective sanity let’s experiment with more dead air time and the benefits it can bring to our lifestyles.

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